New Age Christmas Radio

NACR Closes for the season January 10, 2015

As the 2014 Holiday Season draws to a close, so does our broadcast here on New Age Christmas Radio, effective Saturday, January 10.  I thank you for listening, and hope that the season has been a blessing for you.  My wish is for that blessing to continue for you into 2015!

Peaceful Currents RadioAlthough NACR’s broadcast is at an end, the relaxing music continues on my new channel, Peaceful Currents Radio.  Programmed in the spirit of New Age Chrismas Radio, Pceceful Currents Radio brings you an eclectic mix of soft instrumental tunes designed specifically to nurture a productive, stress-free life.  You can learn more by visiting the PCR website here.

Again, thank you for listening to, and supporting New Age Christmas Radio this season.  And we look forward to continuing to have you with us all year long at Peaceful Currents Radio.

Happy 2015!